Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Yoga, Meditation, Art and Nature Retreat

Welcome to a weekend of exploring yoga asana, meditation, mindful movement,drawing and nature. 
We'll gather to experience how we can try to stay intimate with life as we enter into the darkest part of the year. That will be the thread that will connect our work together.
We will investigate ways to support the changes and keep moving into what is happening, observing and creating awareness around it. 

From the 3rd to the 5th of November in the beautiful Hellasgården, come and give yourself the great gift of presence.
There will be nice vegan food from Vivo Sthlm and possibility of free access to the sauna in the free time. 

Ida Arvids and Giulia Sansoni are two passionate yoga teachers with great curiosity of rediscovering the potential in our bodies, realigning beyond traditions, redefining the perfect movement for the body from within, starting from trusting the breath. Both of us are practitioners of meditation from a mindfulness,zen angle. 
Emilie Lindsten is an artist, yoga practitioner and meditator. Her practices have helped her find balance in the everyday and have evolved and merged into a holistic and playful approach to life. The workshop will be in connection with the other practices and it´s named "Lines of light through the dark - an intuitive exploration on paper".  She will guide you through a series of exercises of pure creative expression. The aim of the workshop is to observe our own inner energies and voices that will arise in the act of drawing and let our own intuitive potential unravel. The workshop is open to beginners and advanced artists alike. Group exercises are to be expected.


Friday 3/11
15:00 check in, settling 
16:00 introductions 
17:00-18:30 asana practice + 10 min meditation
18:30 dinner
20:00 meditation 20 min

Saturday 4/11
7:30 meditation 30 min
8:00 movement awareness/asana practice 60 min
9:00 breakfast
10:00-12:00 drawing workshop
12:30 lunch
13:30 walking/trekking 30 min
16:00 workshop style asana class 120 min
18:00 walking meditation 10-15 min
18:30 dinner
19:45 meditation 30 min
20:15 sharing 
21:00 silence until 09.30 of Sunday

Sunday 5/11
7:30 meditation 30 min
8:00 movement awareness/asana ws-style 90 min
9:30 breakfast
10:30-12:30 drawing ws
13:00 lunch/packing
14:30 meditation
14:45 sharing/closing
16-16:30 goodbye

What to bring:

. comfortable clothes
. warm clothes and jacket for the season
. yoga mat (if you don´t have one please contact us)
. meditation cushion (if you don´t have one please contact us)
. a blanket for the meditation or for the savasana/relaxation
. wool socks
. trekking/walking shoes
. clock
. torch
. long scarf/ fabric/ yoga belt/ belt for the movement practice

3000kr incl. shared bedroom, food, classes (latest booking on the 3rd of October)
Early Bird 2700kr until the 15th of September


Links and about us:

For booking and questions write to:

You are very welcome as you are!

information regarding the community sundays

Hi everyone,
we feel very grateful for another year together and for the possibility of opening important discussion with you all on the Community Sundays.

Just a reminder and a short description of the choice of the theme and the donations.

So the Community Sundays will take place every last sunday of the month, please check the older post to see the dates.

Every Community Sunday will have 30 minutes yoga/movement practice, 30 minutes meditation/mindfulness-zen oriented, 30 minutes discussion on a theme based.

The themes for this year are taken from the book : Yoga for a world out of balance, teachings on ethics and social actions. Written by Michael Stone. more info here :

Because this great teacher and friend of ours has recently passed, we will also make the donations for the upcoming year of Community Sundays, to his young family, to support their life and honour his work.
You can check out Michael´s work as a teacher and activist here:, you will find it written and some videos but we warmly recommend his great podcasts. Everything for free in the community library.
He has been very generous and inspirational for us personally and professionally.
We hope you will enjoy it too.

Thank you for showing up to investigate together possibilities for a better world.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

New season of yoga starting

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to a new term of yoga and community together. We will start classes again the 10th of September and keep going until 10th of December.

Schedule will be as following:

10th of September 18-19:15 First class of the autumn!
17th of September 18-19:15
24th of September Community Sunday 18-19:30

1st of October 18-19:15
8th of October 18-19:15
15th of October 18-19:15
22th of October Community Sunday 18-19:15

29th of October NO CLASS

5th of November NO CLASS

12th of November 18-19:15
19th of November 18-19:15
26th of November Community Sunday 18-19:15

3rd of December 18-19:15
10th of December 18-19:15 Last class of the year!

See you all soon,
Ortens Yoga

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Next Sunday 21st of may is LAST CLASS and Community Sunday. + more info

Hi dear ones, 
I am happy to look back at this past months together and see a lot of commitment, willingness, presence, openings that we created by showing up every sunday, one after the other. It has been a blessing for us to share the practice and learn with you. The Community Sundays has also been a great source of the growing for our group. Thank you very much for your courage, taking part of it. 

We will have our last class next sunday, but I am happy to arrange more classes on the 11th,18th and 25th of june if you are interested in. I am thinking we could move them outdoors, I would be happy to practice with you close to the water, at Flaten Badet. Please write an email with your interest and we arrange a group and a time.
If you desire to practice at other times, in June I am arranging  a group at 6.30am until 7.45am at Ahimsa Yoga studio,Bagarmossen. On the following wednesdays 14th,21st and 28th. Previous booking is needed.

If none of that suits you, I will see you again on sunday 10th of september to start another great season of practice together.

Next Community Sunday the donations will be given to Animal´s rights, here more info :

"All sentient beings have at one time been your mother—birthing you, nursing you, caring for you through a helpless stage of life. Imagine this and generate appreciation and goodwill for all sentient beings, whether they cut you off in traffic, compliment your smile, or walk past you without a glance." 

—A Tibetan teaching recounted in Sarah Aceto’s, “As If I Were Your Mother

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

next sunday 7th NO LED class, but.. are welcome to self practice together!
especially meant for those of you who comes regularly.
I am grateful to say that Johanna will be there opening the space for you at 6pm.
if nobody shows up on time she will go away, but if you desire to go and practice , as some of you said last time, she will be there.
enjoy the spontaneous practice as it comes to you. enjoy the fact of being together.

I will be under training and don´t have the possibility to come, but I will see you the sunday 14th.

Thank you for your presence.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Earth day and a reminder

we see each others tomorrow again at 6pm.
it will be the community sunday, so we stay until 7.30. you have all the info in the previous post.

just wanted to share this beautiful article about our relation to the time we live in, about climate change.

here the 5 vows I want to share with you:

I vow to myself and to each of you:
To commit myself daily to the healing of our world and the welfare of all beings.
To live on earth more lightly and less violently in the food, products, and energy I consume.
To draw strength and guidance from the living earth, the ancestors, the future beings, and my brothers and sisters of all species.
To support others in their work for the world and to ask for help when I feel the need.
To pursue a daily spiritual practice that clarifies my mind, strengthens my heart, and supports me in observing these vows.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

NO CLASSES the next two Sundays 9th and 16th + info donation for the next Community Sunday 23rd of April

Hi dear friends,
I hope you all are safe after what happened yesterday in Stockholm.
I can´t stop thinking that we have to gather more, we have to wake up the collective consciousness, we have to be there for each other, we have to listen deeply and be listened deeply and we have to talk more about stuffs, to make changes happens. more then ever I feel is of great importance that we meet for practicing and for sharing. the ripple effect with eventually reach more people around us, until we can heal from inside toward outside, all the way.
This is the time to gather and stay with what need to be seen and stop destroying ourselves and others. Is not helpful to avoiding, avoiding, until the drama occurs. We know that.
We have to be together.

To use my teacher´s words: 
"All of this stuffs-meditation, therapy, pharmaceuticals- is bullshit without friendship. 
You can´t heal all by yourself. 
In no culture nobody all by him or herself ; you can´t do it alone. " Michael Stone

the theme of the sharing will be : Healing.
and we will donate to Kultursjukhuset and their beautiful work in hospitals with children, here more info:

the next two Sundays 9th and 16th of April there will be no class,
due to my Doula training and påsklovet.
so thank you very much for keep it up with practicing on your own in the mean while.

spread the word among your family and friends so we can be even more practicing together.

in gratitude,